Theft Class 4 hour (Adult)

4 hours

This shoplifting / petit theft class has been accepted in every state. 100% online - Court Acceptance Guarantee. No attempt to impose guilt or shame. No judgments. Stop and start whenever you want - class "remembers" where you last stopped. Official Completion Certificate immediately available upon completion - NO EXTRA COST. Trouble passing an exam? Send us your answers and we will tell you which are incorrect. On average it takes users 4 hours to complete the entire class.

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* 4 hour class
* Court Accepted - Guaranteed
* 100% online
* No added costs
* Free Certificate of Completion
* Certificate immediately available upon completion
* Great price (No coupons available at this low price)
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Course Objectives

  • The Student will:
  • 1) Work through six chapters
  • 2) Complete a quiz, at the end of each chapter
  • 3) Complete a Final Exam
  • 4) Complete a 4-hour theft class.
  • 5) Receive a Certificate of Completion
  • ----------------------------
  • Participants who complete this course will:
  • 1) Be aware that s/he is responsible for each choice made.
  • 2) Become familiar with common cognitive distortions.
  • 3) Recognize that there are always options to stealing.
  • 4) Become acutely aware of the impact theft has on the victim and community - victim awareness.
  • 5) Be asked to undergo a personal assessment about his/her values - empathy development.
  • 6) Think differently about stealing



Completion of this course (all lessons must be passed or completed) will earn credit towards the following certificate(s):

  • Adult 4 Hour Theft Class


Title Status
Theft Class Introduction Not Enrolled
Cops n Robbers Thinking Not Enrolled
A Guarantee Not Enrolled
Mental Rehearsing Not Enrolled
License Not Enrolled
Circular Thinking Not Enrolled
The Olive Story Not Enrolled
Who Cares? Not Enrolled
Final Exam Theft Class Not Enrolled
Lessons in this class must be completed in order.


As a Man Thinketh - 116 KB: PDF format.


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Outcome Alternatives Support Services

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